Western Rukum || A part of Karnali Pradesh

Western Rukum || A part of Karnali Pradesh

Western Rukum

Western Rukum is a part of Karnali province. It is one of the seventy-seven districts of Nepal. Musikot is the headquarter of the district.

Formally Western Rukum District was part of Rukum District. This district was divided into two districts Western Rukum and Eastern Rukum. It was after the state’s reconstruction of administrative divisions as of 20 September 2015.

The total area of Western Rukum District is 1,213.49 square kilometres (468.53 sq mi). Its total population of this district as of 2011 Nepal census is 154,272 individuals.

Located in the western hill, it is mostly composed of hilly terrain. It has some basins and valley. It is neighbored with five districts with Eastern Rukum in the east. Jajarkot district in the west. Dolpa in north and Salyan and Rolpa in the south.

Mid-Hill Highway is under construction. It is a national pride project that passes through 12 zones, 24 districts, and 215 VDCs(old divisions). With a total length of 1,767 km, the highway connects Chiyo Bhanjyang of Pachthar district in the east with Jhulaghat of Baitadi district in the west.

Rukum Salle Airport lies near Musikot, the district headquarters. It is accessible by footway and road transport since Rapti Highway has touched Salle airport. Its runway is 650 meters long with the capability of parking of four aircraft.

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