The number of people infected with Corona gets near to 1.5 million

The number of people infected with the corona (COVID-19) virus worldwide is near to exceeded 1.5 million. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the number of infected with corona is one million four thousand sixty-two thousand six hundred eighty-one.

The US has been the most affected by the virus emanating from Wuhan in China. To date, the virus has been infected in the United States of 404,965 people.

Likewise, the virus has been infected in Spain by 146,690,  135,586 in Italy, 109,329 in Germany and France in 109,069.

The worldwide death toll from the epidemic has also reached 84,673. In Italy so far, the virus has killed seventeen thousand one hundred and twenty-seven people.

Likewise, the death toll has risen to 14,555 in Spain, 13,006 in the US, 10,328 in France and 7,097 in Britain.

So far, more than 313,019 people have been cured of the virus and have returned home. Most of these, 81,802 were infected in China, and 77,279 have been cured.

Similarly, 48,021 people have been cured in Spain, 19,337 in France and 24,392 in Italy.

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