The Flag of Nepal

The Flag of Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked central Himalayan country in South Asia. Its flag is the world’s only non-quadrilateral national flag. It is based on two different pennants which belonged to rival branches of the Rana dynasty, which ruled the country before. The two pennants were first joined in the last century. However, it was not adopted as the official flag until 1962, when a constitutional form of government was established.

The moon in the upper portion stands for the royal house. The sun in the lower section symbolizes a branch of the Rana family, members of which were prime ministers until 1961. The style of these heavenly bodies was streamlined on 16th December 1962. The coat of arms still portrays these charges along with facial features. Crimson is deemed the national colour of Nepal. The motto on their coat of arms is “The mother and the Mother Earth are more important than the heavenly kingdom.”

The flag of Nepal was adopted after Prithvi Narayan Shah, the first King of unified Nepal and the Gorkha Kingdom, unified all small principalities of Nepal. In modern times, the concept of the flag has changed to have a different meaning. The blue border symbolizes peace and harmony. The crimson red is Nepal’s national colour and reflects the brave spirit of the Nepalese people. The two triangles symbolize the Himalayan Mountains. The depiction of celestial bodies represents permanence and the hope that Nepal will last as long as the sun and the moon!

The Flag of Nepal 

The Flag of Nepal

The moon symbolizes that the Nepalese are calm, while the sun symbolizes fierceness. The moon also symbolizes the pleasant weather of the Himalayas, whereas the sun symbolizes the heat and the higher temperatures in the lower-lying areas of Nepal.

There is yet another interesting interpretation of the flag’s symbols. The flag of Nepal shape is believed to symbolize a Nepalese pagoda as observed by the local Nepalese. Placing a mirror at the hoist side can generate an image of a pagoda. It symbolizes that as long as the sun and moon exist, there will be the existence of Nepal and its Nepalese people.

Hope you got a glimpse into the history of Nepal through its unique flag! The Flag of Nepal and its history are explained above.

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