The death toll is reaches to 178, out of 5,916 infected by COVID-19.

27th Chaitra, In India, the number of people’s death reaches to 178 and infected with corona virus has increased by 73 in one day.

According to the central health ministry, the number of infected corona virus has reached 5,274 by Wednesday night. And so far, the death toll has risen to 178. According to the Indian news agency PTI, so far 1 lakh 12 thousand 2 hundred 71 people have been tested.

One of the most affected states of India has been found in the state of Maharashtra. In Tamil Nadu, 690 have been infected and seven have died.

In Delhi, 576 people were infected and nine died.

Four hundred and twenty-seven infected and seven died in Telangana. Madhya Pradesh has infected two hundred and twenty-nine and 13 died. In Gujarat, 13 have been dead out of 135 infected.

In Uttar Pradesh, 343 people were infected while 3 died. 38 infected and one death was recorded in Bihar.

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