The ban on international flights was extended to Baisakh 18

The government has extended the ban on international flights to Nepal till Baishak 18.

Tuesday’s meeting of the High-Level Committee on COVID 19 decided to prolong the ban on international flights. Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office Narayan Bidari said the internal flight is being discussed.

Earlier, domestic and international flights were banned until Baisakh 3.

The government has stopped foreign airlines from bringing passengers. However, Empty planes can come for carrying passengers.

Accordingly, various airlines are still flying to carry foreigners. Nepal Airlines is also flying cargo. Meanwhile, Nepal Airlines brought medical supplies from China.

Even after the government banned the arrival of passengers, some airlines were stubborn. Due to this, more than 70 persons have been kept in the Quarantine of Khariapati. Internal flights are postponed until Baisakh 3. No further decision on that has been made.

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