SYNDICATE Lyrics- Bipul Chettri is an Indian singer/songwriter who sings in the Nepali language and plays Himalayan folk music with a contemporary touch. His debut album, Sketches of Darjeeling, was released in July 2014 and his follow-up album, Maya in 2016.


Bhet Bhayo aja hami syndicate ko majh hami
ubhiyechu timro bagal ma, busy timi mobile ma herechu
kheleko yowana

Naam timro thaha chaina tara malai parwaha chaina
boli kehi rahechau hai, akhale kehi bhanirahechau hai
bolu ta k bhanera
dara pani lagcha sochera

timi janey siligudi ma janey sikkim tira

khushi chu hai timro majha bhuley sara sansar aja
timi pani ma sangai nai janey bhaye kati ramailo
huney thiyo bhanna ta

kasto yo milan hamro, bis minute ko sambandha hamro
payera pani napaye jasto, chinera pani na chine jasto
jindagi yastai nai ho ra
afnai bato ta janu chadai cha ra

timi janey siligudi ma janey sikkim tira

malai nai hereko jhai lagcha ghari ghari
herey lagcha ghari ghari
farki herchu ma pani aasha sari
huuu… asha sari
manama sochdai ma ramauda chu
manama sochdai ma ramauda chu
timi sangai bhayeko kalpana garchu
kalpana garchuuu..

kasto dharko pani paryo, bhijera ma chur vaye
timi sangai oota lagi afno gadi parkhirahey
bhiejchu aja ma rahar ley

sabai gadi chadna thalyo kamandar ko horn suni
kalimpong to siligudi, bhana timi kasto nisthuri
chadera gayo kata tira
chadi rakhyou malai yetai tira
hmmm..timi janey siligudi ma janey sikkim tira
timi janey siligudi ma janey sikkim tira


SYNDICATE Lyrics originally uploaded to “Bipul Chettri” youtube channel.


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