Swargadwari || Gateway to Heaven

Swargadwari || Gateway to Heaven


Located over a hilltop in Pyuthan district in the Mid-Western Nepal, Swargadwari (meaning Heaven’s Door) is one of the holiest places for Hindus all over. Hundreds of people, especially Hindus, travel to this place with a belief that this is the door to Heaven and one should try to get to the Heaven to be blessed by God after his/her death. This place is a famous pilgrimage site that gives the importance of cows a high priority in Hinduism.

Swargadwari is said to have been formed and established as a pilgrimage site by Guru Maharaj Narayan Khatri (Swami Hamsananda). Swargadwari is counted among Nepal’s top pilgrimage site. It is listed in a national inventory of cultural and historic heritage sites.

Not only as a holy place, this place is filled with untouched nature as well. Various species of rhododendron forests bloom around the temple and make the whole environment shiny. Also, you can see the Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Gaurishankar, and more mountains from here. The views of hills in all directions is extremely mesmerizing.

This place has lots of other specialties as well as the Dharamshala where you can stay inside the premises in the lifestyle of the people working there. Every evening, there is a mind refreshing “Aarati” and every morning a refreshing chanting. Also, lots of cows all over the place make the environment different. There is also a school where students study “Vedas”. This is one of the places in the western Nepal which is a must to visit.

Main visitor of this religious area are Nepalese and Indians. Swargadwari is also popular for trekking. it takes two days to reach there on foot. The footfall in Swargadwari increases dramatically on June–July.

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