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SUBHA HONE NA DE Lyrics- SUBHA HONE NA DE Lyrics is a song sung by Mika Singh, Shefali Alvaris. This is a song from the movie: “Desi Boyz”.


Humko Kehte Superman
On Karlo Handy Cam From AM To PM
Bande At Your Service Ma’am
Tainu Main Love Karda, Bematlab Karda
Baahon Mein Aa Soniye, Bas Aaj Raat Ke Liye
Saadi Taan Desi Hai Adaa, Saade Te Hoja Ni Fida
Baahon Mein Aa Soniye, Bas Aaj Raat Ke Liye
Subah Hone Na De, Saath Khone Na De
Ek Doosre Ko Hum Sone Na De
Tu Mera Hero Oo Oo Oo Oo
Tu Mera Hero Oo Oo
Subah Hone Na De, Saath Khone Na De
Ek Doosre Ko Hum Sone Na De
Main Tera Hero Oo Oo Oo Oo
Haan Hero Oo Oo Oo Oo
Haan Hero, Main Tera Hero
Let’s Go, Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
Haye Mainu Tu Hot Lagdi, Lakhaan Da Note Lagdi
Mauka Mila Hai Abhi, Hoga Na Phir Yeh Kabhi
Saanu Tu Touch Kar Le Ae Ae
Maza Too Much Kar Le Ae Ae
Baahon Mein Aa Soniye, Bas Aaj Raat Ke Liye
Subah Hone Na De, Saath Khone Na De
Ek Doosre Ko Hum Sone Na De
Tu Mera Hero Oo Oo Oo Oo
Tu Mera Hero Oo Oo
Subah Hone Na De, Saath Khone Na De
Ek Doosre Ko Hum Sone Na De
Tu Mera Hero Oo Oo Oo Oo
Tu Mera Hero Oo Oo Oo Oo
Main Tera Hero, Sunn Lo Zara Ameero
Banda Mein Rabb Da, Main Friend Sab Da
Dekhe Duniya Ke Kone, Bas Hum Dono Hi Sone
Kudiyon Mein Apne Charche, Hum Pe Karti Hai Kharche
Life Ne Aisa Dhoya, Main Jaan Bacha Ke Soya
Sooraj Se Maine Bola
Yeh Bola Bola Subah Hone Na De
Subah Hone Na De, Saath Khone Na De
Ek Doosre Ko Hum Sone Na De
Tu Mera Hero Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo
Tu Mera Hero Oo Oo Oo
Subah Hone Na De, Saath Khone Na De
Ek Doosre Ko Hum Sone Na De
Main Tera Hero Oo Oo
Haan Hero Oo Oo
Haan Hero, Main Tera Hero Oo
Main Tera Hero Oo Oo
Mera Hero Oo Oo..
Humko Kehte Superman
On Karlo Handy Cam From AM To PM
Bande At Your Service Ma’am
Mera Hero Oo Oo..
Mera Hero Oo Oo..
Mera Hero Oo Oo..
Mera Hero Oo Oo..
Boom Boom Shot Shot Maarenge Saari Raat
Boom Boom Shot Shot Maarenge Maarenge
Boom Boom Shot Shot Maarenge Saari Raat
Boom Boom Shot Shot Maarenge Maarenge

SUBHA HONE NA DE Lyrics is originally uploaded to “T-Series” Youtube channel.


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