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SAY SHAVA SHAVA Lyrics- SAY SHAVA SHAVA Lyrics is from the movie “Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gam”. It is sung by Sudesh Bhosle, Alka Yagnik, Sunidhi Chauhan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aadesh Shrivastava and Udit Narayan.


Say shava shava say shava shava
Say shava shava say shava shava
Roop hai tera sona sona
Soni teri payal payal
Roop hai tera sona sona
Soni teri payal
Chanchana chhan aise chhanke
Karde sab ko ghayal
Hey keh raha aankhon ka kaajal
Ishq mein jeena marna
Say shava shava
Mahiya say shava shava
Mahiya say shava shava
Mahiya say shava shava

Roop hai mera sona sona
Soni meri payal payal
Roop hai mera sona sona
Soni meri payal
Chanchana chhan aise chhanke
Karde sab ko ghayal
Hey keh raha aankhon ka kaajal
Ishq mein jeena marna
Every buddy say shava shava
Mahiya say shava shava
Mahiya say shava shava
Mahiya say shava shava

Mahiya we aaja maahi mahiya we aaja
Mahiya we aaja maahi mahiya we aaja
Mahiya we aaja maahi mahiya we aaja
Mahiya we aaja maahi mahiya we aaja

Aaja gori nachle ay shava
Nachle we nachle ay shava
Aaja gori nachle ay shava
Nachle we nachle ay shava
Dekha tenu pehli pehli baar we
Hone laga dil bekaraar we
Raba mainu ki ho gaya
Dil jaaniye haay mainu ki ho gaya

Sun ke teri baatein sone yaar we
Mahi mainu tere naal pyaar we
Haay main mar jaawa
Dil jaaniye haay main mar jaawa

Say shava shava
Mahiya say shava shava
Mahiya say shava shava
Bhangda say shava shava

In kadmon mein saasein waar de
Rab se bhi zyaada tujhe pyaar de
Rabba maino maaf karen
Rabba khair ya hai maino maaf karen
Tum to meri jind meri jaan we
Meri tu zameen hai aasmaan we
Tujh bin main ki kara
Rabba khair ya haay wa main ki kara

Say shava shava
Mahiya say shava shava
Mahiya say shava shava
Bhangda say shava shava

Roop hai tera sona sona
Soni teri payal
Chanchana chhan aise chhanke
Karde sab ko ghayal
Keh raha aankhon ka kaajal
Ishq mein jeena marna

Say shava shava mahiya
Say shava shava mahiya
Say shava shava bhangda
Say shava shava bhangda
Say shava shava mahiya
Say shava shava mahiya
Say shava shava bhangda
Say shava shava bhangda.

SAY SHAVA SHAVA Lyrics is originally uploaded to “SonyMusicIndiaVEVO” Youtube channel.


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