Prime Minister announces remuneration until Corona’s epidemic ends.

Prime Minister announces remuneration until Corona's epidemic ends.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has announced that the coronavirus pandemic will not be remunerated. The Prime Minister has decided to deposit his wages in the COVID-19 Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.

Giving a congratulatory message on the occasion of New Year 2077, Prime Minister Oli said that he had decided not to take remuneration till the coroner epidemic was over.

Stating that we have a tradition of saving those who do not need to be cut off when needed, Prime Minister Oli said, “As executive head of the country, I have decided to deposit my remuneration in the COVID-19 Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.”

PM Oli has said that all of us should work together for the equitable distribution of achievements in the progress of the country and the co-burden of catastrophic loss.

PM Oli stressed that a united national effort in crisis management within the country should remain above all. He believes the solution to this global crisis is possible only through global partnerships and cooperation.

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