Prabhu Pay has launched a mobile wallet facility targeting poor people who do not have smartphones. Under this (Written in 1234 digits and ABCD) Prabhu Payo’s feature can be accessed from the bar phone.

The service can be used through USSD for mobile recharge, telephone bill payment, television bill payment, and internet payment. It can also be used to facilitate remittance payments. The poor category, especially those who do not have smartphones, can now operate this service from their normal mobile ‘bar phone’.

In the wake of the lockdown in the country amid the horrors of the Corona transition, the new feature of Lord Pay may be important at this time as all the banking users are being left out of the mobile wallet.

Region no. Lord Pele has brought such a feature in collaboration with Ncell, with the goal of not having a smartphone and not being able to walk even when the government is at high risk of Corona infection, including in the Far West. There is no charge for exchanging messages. This service is expected to provide financial access to rural areas and will be very effective for those who are unable to carry cash through remote houses.

How to use Ordinary phone users with Ncell SIMs should send at least one digit number of their choice along with the RG, called azaleas MPN, at 31041. The user’s Ncell number is then registered on Lord Pay. Now when the user presses * 31041 * main #, various features appear on mobile and you can use all the features by hand. Users can search for the business they want by pressing the number displayed on the mobile screen.

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