NEB, Sanothimi postponds the examination of Class 11 & 12

The government postpones the examination of Classes 11 and 12 due to the risk of coronavirus infection.

The exam for Class 12 was scheduled to start on the 8th of Baisakh, and the exams of the 11 would start from the 21st of Baisakh.

However, due to the risk of corona infection, both of these exams were postponed indefinitely, said by the National Examination Board.

The question paper for the examinations 11 and 12 was printed but was yet to be transported to the district.
Board member secretary Durgaprasad Aryal said that the board’s meeting on Tuesday decided to postpone the examination until further notice.

The notice issued by the Board announcing the new schedule of the examination will be made immediately after the improvement of the situation. The board has directed the State Examination Management Office and the branch offices to do so accordingly, stating that the examination has been postponed.

A total of 9 lakh 62 thousand students of Classes 11 and 12 would participate in the exam. The board had fixed 147 examination centers across the country.

The board had printed the question paper for the examination for Class 11 and 12 but was yet to be transported to district-to-district.

Earlier, the government had also postponed the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) due to the risk of the corona. Some have criticized the government, saying the examination was postponed in the last days.

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