Parbat || The smallest district of Province Four


Parbat District is a hilly area of Nepal. It is a part of Gandaki Pradesh and one of the seventy-seven districts of Nepal. The district, with Kusma as its district headquarters, covers an area of 494 km2 and has a population (2001) of 157,826.

This district is the fourth-smallest district of Nepal with 47 VDCs currently. It is mainly famous for the Gupteshwar Cave, where thousands of pilgrims during Shivaratri.

Patheshwari Temple is the most famous temple of Kushma that lies at Katuwa Chaupari of Kushma-09. Patheshwori Mandir has lots of sub-temples inside like Ram Janaki Mandir, Bhagwati, Devi, Hanuman, and others.

Alapeshwar cave is a famous cave in this district. It is also noted for the Dahere Deurali Temple. Thousands of pilgrims visit there during Balachaturdanshai. Kamadhenu Mandir is another famous temple of Parbat district which lies in Khurkot development committee.

Parbat district is a beautiful district with varieties geographical features. It extends from 280 00’ 19″ N to 280 23’ 59″ N latitude and 830 33’ 40″ E to 830 49’ 30″ E longitude.

At the time of the 2011 Nepal census, this District had a population of 146,590. Out of which 91.6% speak Nepali, 4.1% Magar, 3.0% Gurung and 0.6% Newari as their first language.

Kushma Bazaar, the headquarters of this district links with the national road network by Pokhara Baglung Highway. Buses are the primary means of transportation in Kushma. Small size automobiles and jeeps are used for cab services within Kushma Bazar and surrounding settlements.

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