KATHMANDU: With the entire world reeling under the coronavirus, Nepali students in Bangladesh have expressed their willingness to serve Nepal in its effort to fight the deadly virus.

President of Nepalese Medical Students Association, Bangladesh Nabin Yadav said the Nepali medical students in Bangladesh are avid to serve Nepal in this time of crisis caused by the COVID-19.

Almost 700 Nepali students are studying medicine in Bangladesh currently, according to Yadav.

“We are studying medical education to serve the society and the country. Our country is now reeling under the coronavirus. We want to serve our country at the time of this crisis. We want to be evacuated,” said Yadav.

Nepali students are feeling insecure as Bangladesh is at high risk of coronavirus. Currently, they have been kept under quarantine of colleges.

Five people have died and over 49 have been affected in Bangladesh so far.

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