Nepal is in the second phase of the Corona said by the government.

Nepal is in the second phase of the Corona said by the government.

The government has announced Nepal is entering the second phase of the Corona transition. Therefore, the government has urged everyone to strictly comply with the lockdown and to assist in the prevention and control of Corona by staying indoors.

The Ministry of Health said at a press conference on Saturday that three more people in Kailali and Kanchanpur were infected with coronas, adding that the total number of infected people in Nepal has reached 9. The last time a test was performed in a public health lab in Teku, a coronary infection was seen in two males and 41-year-old males and 21-year-old females. Men aged between 41 and 21 came from India and a 34-year-old woman was at a house in Kailali.

Health Ministry spokesman Dr. Devkota said, ‘In Nepal, the first case is the transition from one person to another. So we have entered the second phase. This is what we call local transmission.

The second phase of the corona is ‘community transmission’. ‘Community transmission’ is a pre-existing epidemic. Therefore, more precautions have to be taken. Devkota explains. “It also shows how essential and how carefully we must stay in quarantine, without further confirmation,” he said, adding that all those who came from abroad to stay in the quarantine and to take all precautionary measures in order to prevent the infection from spreading from one person to another have to do.

Dr. Devkota said that quarantine should be extended after increasing the risk of spreading corona infection in Nepal. ‘Now after crossing for 14 days, some of the tests are positive. Looking at that, the period of quarantine appears to be increasing. Stay here in Quarantine.

Stay safe and stay home lets react responsibly & support the government decision.