Nawalpur || Also known as Nawalparasi East


Nawalpur or Nawalparasi east of Bardaghat Susta is a district located in Gandaki Pradesh of Nepal. It is 1 out of 11 districts of Gandaki Pradesh. The headquarter of the district is located in Kawasoti.

Formally this District was part of Nawalparasi District, which split into two districts Nawalpur District and Parasi District after the state’s reconstruction of administrative divisions as of 20 September 2015.

The total area of Nawalpur District is 1,043.1 square kilometres (402.7 sq mi) and the total population of this district as of 2011 Nepal census is 310864 individuals.

During Rana regime, Nawalpur district was a sub-district of Chitwan District then it established separately and again merged with a small portion (Parasi) of Butwal District and established Nawalparasi District. In 2015 again this District separately reestablished.

Kawasoti serves as administrative headquarter for Nawalpur district, locating all major government and administrative offices. With the rapid increase in population and development of infrastructures, this city is quickly emerging into a business, educational and health hub on the centre of the East-West Highway.

It is one of the beautiful city of this district and is located at the heart of the country. It is also known as a greenery city where 60%[2] of land is occupied by the forests where people can get the fresh air and the bacteria-free water which is important stuff for the human beings.

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