Kanchanpur || A part of Sudurpashchim Pradesh in the Terai Plain


Kanchanpur District is a part of Sudurpashchim Pradesh in the Terai plain. It is one of the seventy-seven districts of Nepal. Its headquarters is Bhimdatta. It covers an area of 1,610 square kilometres (620 sq mi) and had a population of 134,868 in 2001 and 171,304 in 2011.

This district is bordered by Kailali district in the east, Dadeldhura district in the north and with India in the south and west. The majority of the population is ethnic Tharu community and minor groups are the peoples that have migrated from the northern hilly region.

The district is renowned for Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve and the 1,456.97 metres (4,780 ft) long multi-span suspension bridge over Mahakali River. Jhilmila Lake, Bedkot Lake, Bandatal, Shovatal and Vishnu Temple, Ranital are the other tourist attractions

This district expands from 28 degrees 38 minutes to 29 degrees 28 minutes Northern latitudes and 80 degrees 03 minutes to 80 degrees 33 minutes Eastern Longitudes. It is situated at the end of westmost part of province and country on the corner of the south-west.

From among all the population the district has 39.7% speaking Doteli, 25.4% Tharu, 16.1% Nepali, 5.2% Baitadeli, 4.0% Bajhangi, 2.3% Achhami, 1.6% Magar, 1.5% Bajureli, 1.3% Tamang and 1.1% Darchuleli as their first language.

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