Kalikot || A part of Karnali Pradesh

Kalikot || A part of Karnali Pradesh


Kalikot District is a part of Karnali province. It is one of the seventy-seven districts of Nepal. The district, with Manma as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,741 km2. It had a population of 105,580 in 2001 and 136,948 in 2011.

In 2005 the government, in a bid to encourage a change in social attitudes, it announced that it would provide rice to any family that had recently had a girl born. Out of all the total population, 99.5% speak Nepali as their first language.

The district consists of nine municipalities, out of which four are urban municipalities and five are rural municipalities.

Karnali and Tila are two major rivers running through the district. Both offer great prospects for power generation, however, only seven VDCs currently benefit from locally produced electricity.

Kalikot ranked 73rd of Nepal’s 75 districts on the Human Development Index in 2004. The average life expectancy in Kalikot is 47, below the national average.

There are 13 political parties with district chapters, including two Madhesh-based political parties. Relations among political parties are generally good and they all participate in the district development planning process, but occasionally there are tensions between cadres of different parties. In mid-May 2013, the total number of people registered to vote in Kalikot reached 53,162.

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