Kailali || A district which got its name from Fort

Kailali || A district which got its name from Fort


Kailali District is a part of Sudurpashchim Pradesh in Terai plain. It is one of the 77 districts of Nepal. Its district headquarters is Dhangadhi. It covers an area of 3,235 square kilometres and has a population of 775,709(2011 census) and 616,697(2001 census).

From among all the population 41.1% speak Tharu, 27.8% Nepali, 18.7% Doteli, 6.2% Achhami, 1.4% Magar, 0.9% Maithili, 0.8% Hindi and 0.5% Bajureli as their first language.

The district consists of 13 Local Levels, of which one is a sub-metropolitan city, six are urban municipalities and six are rural municipalities.

Though it’s a district located in Terai but around forty per cent of this District is settled in the cragged region. Dhangadhi is a centre of attraction of not only Kailali district but of the entire Seti zone. The district additionally contains Tikapur Park, one amongst the biggest parks in Nepal, and Godha-Ghodi Tal (lake) situated at Sukhad Kailali.

Karnali Bridge is in the eastern part of the Kailali District in Chisapani on the Mahendra route. This is often the second sample bridge of Asia which has an only single pole for its support. Tikapur Park is located in Tikapur municipality. This park is located within the bank of Karnali river and which covers a part of twelve bighas.

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