Jumla || A district which was the part of Khasa Kingdom

Jumla || A district which was the part of Khasa Kingdom


Jumla District is one of the ten directly constituent districts of the Karnali province of Nepal. This district has Jumla as its headquarters. It covers an area of 2,531 square kilometres. It had populations of 89,427 and 108,921, respectively, in the national censuses of 2001 and 2011.

Its territory lies between longitudes 81⁰ 28′ and 82⁰ 18′ East and between latitudes 28⁰ 58′ and 29⁰ 30′ North.

The Nepali language (then known as Khas language) originated in the Sinja Valley. Sinja was the capital of Khas Kingdom, and the dialect called “Khas Bhasa”. People in that still speak this language.

Jumla was a part of Khasa kingdom during the 11th to 13th century. After the 13th-century Khasa Kingdom collapsed and divided into Baise Rajya (22 principalities) in Karnali-Bheri region and the Kingdom of this district was one of them.

Geographically, this district is a Himalayan mountainous region of which elevations ranges from 915 metres (3,002 ft) to 4,679 metres (15,351 ft). The Higher Himalayan Region consists of Patarasi and Kanjirowa Himalayan range. The major rivers in Jumla are Hima, Tila and Jawa.

At the time of the 2011 Nepal census, this District had a population of 108,921. Out of which 98.6% speak Nepali and 0.6% Tamang as their first language.

The interesting thing about Jumla is that culture and traditions are preserved very well. Sinja Valley, a western belt of Jumla, is the origin of the Khas language, from which Nepali originates. So if you want to experience cultural immersion in Nepal, this is definitely one of the best places to do so.

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