Five doctors at Lumbini Regional Hospital dismissed

Five doctors working at Lumbini Regional Hospital Butwal have been dismissed for not being on duty in the difficult circumstances of Corona infection prevention and treatment.

Dr. working in the radiology department of the hospital. Bardan Wali and Dr. Taraprasad Sharma, ENT Department Dr. Prakash Neupane, Eurosurgeon Subash Chandra Chaudhary and Dr. Prakriti Karki working in the emergency department were removed from the service.

“He did not appear on duty without informing the hospital administration,” the hospital’s medical superintendent (Mesu) Dr. Rajendra Khanal said, “Social Development Minister Sudarshan Baral Xu has directed the immediate dismissal.”

The removed physicians were appointed to the contract. Minister for Social Development, Baral, while directing the doctors who were not in service to take action at the front of the coronary virus infection epidemic, said that it would be a great mistake to abstain from the responsibility of treating the sick.

“I have been instructed not to accept leave without maternity leave, Kazakiria, sick and to remove doctors and staff who are absent without information services,” Minister Baral told, “Daily attendance has been sought from all hospitals, once the absentee is asked for clarification and if there is no satisfactory response they will be dismissed from. ‘


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