Drogba Announces Ivory Coast Hospital for Corona Treatment

Didier Drogba, a former star of Ivericost and Chelsea, has proposed to use his hospital Coronavirus in Ivory Coast to fight COVID 29. Drogba has scored thirty-five goals in 105 games for Ivory Coast.

He also won the Champions League from Chelsea, founded Laurent Pocou Hospital in 2016 Abidjan in the 5th through DrogbaFoundation. He is named after the death of football Pokémon in 2016.

We should thank Drogba for this gift and it is a nationalistic act, ”said Vincent Toh Bee, Regional Council of the City of Ux.

He respected Drogba’s move and said that when the hospital came into operation, it could be used to fight COVID.

The hospital in Attekoub district is not currently operational. But it is said to be operational during times of crisis.

Director of the Drogba Foundation, Maryam Braca, who visited the hospital, said the state was now in charge of operating it.

Just a few days ago, the Ivaricost government announced the use of 14 hospitals in Abidjan as a center for COVID-19 hospitals.

More than 500 are infected with Ivory Coast because of Corona. Out of which 85 were healed while 5 died.

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