Doti || Home of Khaptad National Park

Doti || Home of Khaptad National Park


Doti District is a part of Sudurpashchim Pradesh. It is one of the 77 districts of Nepal. This district’s headquarters is Silgadhi. It covers an area of 2,025 square kilometres with a population of 207,066 in 2001 and increased marginally to 211,746 in 2011.

Doti was founded by Niranjan Malla Dev, the last son of the Katyuri dynasty and younger brother of Abhay Pal of Askot. Anciently it was a part of Kumaon Kingdom, Now remaining Kumaon region is part of Uttrakhand a state in modern-day India, Nepal’s neighbouring country.

The historic place of war between the Doti Kingdom and Gorkha kingdom during the period of the Expanding Kingdom of Nepal in 1790, is Nari-Dang which lies on the bank of the Seti River and Dumrakot was the base of the Doti Kingdom during the fighting against the Gorkhalis.

Out of the total population, 90.1% speak Doteli, 7.4% Nepali and 1.0% Magar as their first language.

Doti was captured by Gorkha forces, and the Gorkha rulers went on to destroy several historical sites in Doti — attempting to cover its legendary bravery and tenacity. The Dotyali people were also subject to ethnic prejudice and were frequently excluded from government jobs and offices of state.[12] Somehow in 1950, a few Dotyalis established their identities as national heroes based solely on their courage, daring, and contribution to their country.

Dotiyali is the local language spoken in the Doti region; the far western region of Nepal, which is similar to the Kumauni language, a language spoken by people of Kumaon, a state in modern-day India, Nepal’s neighbouring country.

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