Darchula || A part of Sudurpashchim Pradesh



Darchula is one of the districts of Nepal. It is a part of Sudurpashchim Pradesh. It is made of two words “Dar” (Nepali:दार) and “Chula” (Nepali:चुला). Dar means edge (peak) in Nepali and Chula means fire stove, literally meaning a fire stove made of three stones (or peaks of three hills/mountains). Almost all people in this place used to cook on a fire stove made of three stones.

Darchula district is surrounded by Bajhang District in the east, Baitadi District in the east and the south, Ngari Prefecture of TAR of China in the North and Pithoragarh district of India in the West. The climate of the area is generally characterized by high rainfall and humidity. The climatic condition varies along with the elevation gradient. The climate in here varies widely from subtropical to alpine.

The district is administered by Darchula District Coordination Committee ( DCC). The  DCC is elected by Darchula District Assembly. The head of DCC is Mr Karbir Singh Karki and Mr Krishna Singh Dhami is deputy head of Darchula DCC.

Here the majority ethnic group is Pahari Arya. Castes of this District are Brahmin, Chhetries, Dalit, Thakuri, Lohar, Kaine, Newar, Byansi, Bandhe, Sanyasi etc. The number of male 63,609 and female 69,855. The total number of house 22,948. The total number of household 25,802. Average household size is 5.17.

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