Dang || A district located in Inner Terai

Dang || A district located in Inner Terai


Dang District is located in Inner Terai in Province No. 5 in midwestern Nepal. The district, with Ghorahi as its headquarters, covers 2,955 km² and has a population (2011) of 548,141.

Tulsipur, the second biggest city of Dang, is a transportation hub. There are numerous temples and gumbas in Dang Deukhuri district. Ghorahi is a proposed capital of Rapti Lumbini Province (Province 5) based on the Constitution of Nepal 2015.

This district consists of the larger easterly and upstream portions of the parallel Inner Terai valleys of Dang and Deukhuri. Downstream, both valleys cross into Banke District.

To the south, this district borders Uttar Pradesh, a state in India, Nepal’s neighbouring country—specifically the Balarampur and Shravasti districts of Awadh.

The dry and agriculturally unproductive Dudhwa range creates a buffer zone between the divergent cultures of the plains of Uttar Pradesh and the Inner Terai.

Dang Valley is higher, less tropical, drier and less malarial than Deukhuri. Despite poorer soil and more seasonal streamflow, its healthier climate made it more attractive to settlers from outside even before the introduction of DDT.

This region has the majority of people of the Tharu ethnicity. The steep, virtually uninhabited southern slopes of the Mahabharat Range are another cultural buffer zone between traditional Tharu lands and the culturally distinct Middle Hills. Where Nepali is the dominant language, the homeland of dangi Chhetris.

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