Dailekh || A small town of province 6


Dailekh District is a part of Karnali Pradesh. It is one of the seventy-seven districts of Nepal. The district, with Dailekh as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,502 km2  and had a population of 225,201 in 2001[2] and 261,770 in 2011.

It is said that the name of this district is derived from Dadhi Lekh. Dadhi stands for Dadhichi. Dadhichi was a sage in ancient time and Lekh means hill. Etymologically ‘Dadhi Lekh’ means the hill where sage Dadhichi meditated.

This District was a part of Khasa kingdom during the 12th to 14th century.[6] Sinja Valley was the ancient capital city and powerful town of the Khasa Kingdom. After the fall down of the Khasa Kingdom, it divided into many small kingdoms. Before the unification of modern Nepal, the area of the Karnali region had a united kingdom named Baise Rajya. Dailekh principality was one in twenty-two principalities.

It is a High hilly district out of ten districts of Karnali Province. It is situated at coordinates of 28° 35′ 00″ N to 29° 08′ 00″ N Latitudes and 81° 25′ 00″ E to 81° 53′ 00″ E of Longitudes. The district has covered 80% of mid-hill land and 21% of high-hill land.

Dailekh is connected with Birendranagar (the capital city of Karnali Province) with a road called Dailekh road. Dailekh road meets to Ratna Highway at Birendranagar (Surkhet). Ratna Highway is connected with Mahendra Highway at Kohalpur. Through Mahendra Highway, one can get access to Kathmandu, Pokhara and other cities of Nepal.

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