Covid 19

9 May, Kathmandu. Three people have been admitted to the hospital after a positive test in a Rapid test in the same family of Suncity Apartments in PepsiCola.

They have been admitted to Patan Hospital. Hospital director Vishnu Sharma said that their throat swabs were taken for sample collection using PCR method.

Sitting in the A block of apartments, they arrived in the UK seven days ago. Rapid tests were performed after they showed symptoms.

There are five buildings in Cincinnati. Among them, three members of a family living in the building were taken to a hospital in fear of Corona.

They already knew neighbors who had returned from Britain. One person living in Cincinnati told Online News, ‘From now onwards, he was coming from abroad, he did not go to the hospital, we were afraid that he would move corona, today we have been taken to the hospital.’

After the three suspects were taken to the hospital, the police sealed the sanctity apartment without letting people in and out of the area.

Police have been deployed to the apartment complex.

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