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A commercial is a financial organization that accepts deposits, offers accounting services such as cheques, loans, and offers saving or fixed deposit accounts to individuals or businesses. The commercial banks in Nepal make a profit by lending and interest incomes that may include auto loans, mortgages, personal loans, or even business loans.

There are currently 28 Commercial Banks (Class A) in Nepal as per the report collected from the Central Bank, Nepal Rastra Bank(NRB). The first commercial bank of Nepal is Nepal Bank Ltd., and it was established on 1937/11/15. Agriculture Development Bank Ltd. has the highest paid-up capital of Rs. 1393.79 Crore and Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd. have the lowest paid-up capital of Rs. 467.91 Crore as per the report from NRB.

Functions, Duties, and Rights of the Commercial Banks According to BAFIA

A Class “A” licensed institution can carry out the following financial transactions subject to BAFIA, MOA, and AOA.

  • Accepting deposits with or without interest and repaying the deposit through various financial instruments.
  • Provide intermediary services and transfer funds through various electronic mediums.
  • Disbursement of credit (hire-purchasing, leasing, overdraft, and housing).
  • A Disbursement of credit on a guarantee of foreign B&FIs.
  • The Disbursement loans from the amount received from the Government of Nepal or other native or foreign agencies for project promotion.
  • Issuing shares, debenture, bond and so on to meet the capital fund subject to the limitations, conditions or directives issued by the Nepal Rastra Bank.
  • Foreign currency transactions subject to the prevailing laws.
  • Carrying out the government transactions subject to the limits, terms and conditions or directives of NRB.
  • Purchasing, selling or accepting bonds issued by NRB and Government of Nepal.
  • Remitting or transmitting funds to different places within or outside Nepal and receive remittance from abroad to make payment thereof.
  • Buying and selling of gold and silver bullions.
  • Prudently managing selling its own assets of all types to come under its own according to this and prevailing laws.
  • Carry out the other functions as prescribed by Nepal Rastra Bank.

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Commercial banks are listed below. Please click on the company name you are looking for and find the information:

Class A Banks 

S.No. Name Operation Date(A.D.) Head Office
1 Nepal Bank Ltd. 1937/11/15 Dharma path
2 Agriculture Development Bank Ltd. 1968/01/21 Ramshahpath
3 Nabil Bank Ltd. 1984/07/12 Beena Marg
4 Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. 1986/03/09 Durbarmarg
5 Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd. 1987/02/28 Nayabaneshwor
6 Himalayan Bank Ltd. 1993/01/18 Kamaladi
7 Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. 1993/07/07 Kesharmahal
8 Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd. 1994/06/06 Kamaladi
9 Everest Bank Ltd. 1994/10/18 Lazimpat
10 Kumari Bank Ltd. 2001/04/03 Durbarmarg
11 Laxmi Bank Ltd. 2002/04/03 Hattisar
12 Citizens Bank International Ltd. 2007/04/20 Narayanhitipath
13 Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. 2007/09/24 Kamalpokhari
14 Sunrise Bank Ltd. 2007/10/12 Gairidhara
15 Century Commercial Bank Ltd. 2011/03/10 Putalisadak
16 Sanima Bank Ltd. 2012/02/15 Nagpokhari
17 Machhapuchchhre Bank Ltd. 2012/7/9 Lazimpat
18 NIC Asia Bank Ltd. 2013/6/30 Thapathali
19 Global IME Bank Ltd. 2014/4/9 Panipokhari
20 NMB Bank Ltd. 2015/10/18 Babarmahal
21 Prabhu Bank Ltd. 2016/2/12 Babarmahal
22 Siddhartha Bank Ltd. 2016/7/21 Hattisar
23 Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. 2016/7/14 Kamaladi
24 Civil Bank Ltd. 2016/10/17 Kamaladi
25 Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd. 2017/01/01 Bagbazar
26 Janata Bank Nepal Ltd. 2017/04/07 Thapathali
27 Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd. 2018/05/02 Singhadurbar Plaza
28 Mega Bank Nepal Ltd. 2018/05/13 Kamaladi
kumari bank limited
Everest Bank Limited
Nepal Bangladesh Bank
nepal sbi bank
Himalayan Bank Ltd.
Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.
Agricultural Development Bank Ltd.
Nepal Bank Limited || Bank of Nepal || Swift code-NEBLNPKA
Sanima Bank Limited || Bank of Nepal || Swift code-SNMANPKA
Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited || Bank of Nepal || SCBLNPKA