Banke National Park

Banke National Park

Banke National Park is one of the newest national parks in Nepal. The Banke National park is located in the mid-western development established in 2010 AD. It was also recognized as a gift to the earth in 1998.

The protected area covers an area of 550 km2. The park is surrounded by a buffer zone of 344 km2 in the districts of Banke, Salyan, and Dang. It is established under the commitment of the government of Nepal for biodiversity conservation at the level of landscape, conservation of species of tigers, plants & animals.

Flora and Fauna

The Park is home of the 113 species of trees, 85 species of shrub and climber, and 107 species of herbal normally. This National Park contains an array of eight ecosystem types such as Sal forest, deciduous Riverine forest, Savannahs and grasslands, mixed hardwood forest, floodplain community, Bhabar, and foothills of Chure range. It is home to 124 plants, 34 mammals, more than 300 birds, 24 reptiles, 7 amphibians, and 58 fish species.


Banke National Park has three typical seasons: winter, summer, and monsoon, each providing an experience of its own. During October – April weather is dry with warm days and pleasantly cool nights, during May – June the temperature rises at its peak and the hot humid days invites rainy weather which lasts till September.

People around Banke National park

This place is mostly inhabited by the ethnic indigenous, Tharu people who are famous for their own unique culture, art, tradition, and way of living. Other groups like Brahmin, Chhetri, Magar, Tamang, Majhi, and Gurung living in the buffer zone. These people are mostly dependent upon agriculture, and few of the people are also engaged in trading and labor.

How to get there

Regular flights and busses operate from Kathmandu to Nepaljung. The park is located about an hour of the drive west from Nepaljung. From Mahendranagar it takes about eight hours on a bus (270 km) and from Dhangadi it takes around seven hours (250 km) to reach Banke National Park’s headquarters.

Things to do in Banke National Park

Banke national park presents you with some of the wildest short hiking trails. You can walk around the park and can see some of the rare wild animals. However, it is also not fixed that you will get to see animals during your hike, but you will found yourself surrounded by superb wild floras and trees that will increase the joys of the hike. Moreover, hiking in the fresh air away from the bustling and the polluted city will give a break to your lungs as well as the soul.

Jungle Safari
Jungle Safari is another great activity to do in Banke national park. You can either go on a jeep safari or elephant safari as per your choice. Jungle Safari will take you deep into the forests so much closer to wild animals. Moreover, these safaris are the safest way to see wildlife in Banke National park.

Go for a short vacation with your loved ones or alone
Banke national park is one of the best destinations of Nepal for a getaway. The lush greenery, fresh air, wildlife, and captivating scenery makes this park an ideal place to have some quality time with your loved ones. You can spend time close with nature and also reflect on yourself as well as the people around you.

Photography in Banke National park
The beautiful scenery, diverse vegetation, and numerous species of flora & fauna have to make Banke national park a perfect place for wildlife photography. Banke national park presents spectacular scenic views of Mother Nature. You can take pictures while animals are drinking water, playing or walking with their family. This moment attracts many photographers from all over the world here. Moreover, you can also take photography classes here.

Boating is another very fun activity one can do in Banke national park. This will showcase you with a whole new perspective of the region. You can also see rare crocodiles, birds, and other animals during boating. Ask around for some guidance about boating and you will surely get helpful advice.

Rent a bicycle and ride around the nearby villages of Banke national park. You will get to have deep insights into the daily life of locals and their way of living. Interact with locals and taste around delicious food. You can also hire a guide to show you around the villages and tell you the history & stories of the villages.

Bird watching
Banke national park is home to several species of birds including the ones that are only found in Nepal. This makes Banke national park an ideal place for bird lovers. You can walk into the jungle to see the birds or simply hire a professional guide who will help you spot these birds.

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