Banke || A district which has Bihari Temple


Banke District is a part of Province No. 5, is one of the 77 districts of Nepal. The district, located in midwestern Nepal with Nepalganj as its district headquarters. It covers an area of 2,337 km2 and had a population of 385,840 in 2001 and 491,313 in 2011.

On the west, Banke is bordered by Bardiya district. Rapti zone’s Salyan and Dang Deukhuri Districts border to the north and east. To the south lies Uttar Pradesh, India, a country in Asia; specifically Shravasti and Bahraich districts of Awadh. Rapti and Babai cross into Uttar Pradesh, a state in India, Nepal’s neighbouring country and eventually join the Karnali, whose name has changed to Ghaghara.

At the time of the 2011 Nepal census, Banke District had a population of 491,313. Out of which, 39.5% speak Nepali, 23.7% Awadhi, 18.5% Urdu, 14.3% Tharu, 1.0% Maithili, 0.9% Magar and 0.8% Hindi as their first language.

Agriculture (including livestock/ poultry), riverbed farming, cottage industries, business and trading are the main economic activities of the district. Among the registered small and cottage industries, the majority work in the production sector, followed by the service sector, indicating production and service are the two major areas of employment in Banke.

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