Baitadi || A Hill District



Baitadi is a part of Sudurpashchim Pradesh. It is one of the 77 districts of Nepal. It is a Hill district with Dasharathchand as its headquarters. It covers an area of 1,519 km2 (586 sq mi) and. It has a population of 250,898 according to the census (2011). Baitadi falls into the farthest western regional district of Nepal touching Jhulaghat, India to its borders.

According to the historical folk-tales in Baitadi it was one of the Chand Kings who fought with the Khas king and established a sovereign state for the Chand dynasty in Baitadi. From among all the population, it has an absentee population of 21,038, roughly equal to that of the nation of Vanuatu. It has a sex ratio of 87:95 of which 133,491 are female.

At the time of the 2011 Nepal census, 97.7% of the population in the district spoke Baitadeli, 1.0% Nepali and 0.8% Doteli as their first language.

Cricket is a very popular sport here, and it has won many regional competitions. It is home to many eminent national players for the Nepal national cricket team.

The district is administered by District Coordination Committee (Legislative), District Administration Office (Executive) and District Court (Judicial).

Corn and wheat are the main crops of this region, but millet, maize and rice are also grown for home use. Commercial farming is not popular in this region. Some fruits are grown and exported to the nearby headquarters Bhimdatta and Dhangadhi.

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