Arghakhanchi is one of the districts of Province No. 5 in Nepal. The district headquarter is Sandhikharka. The district covers an area of 1,193 km2. It has a population (2011) of 197,632.[1] Its neighbouring districts are Palpa in the east, Gulmi in the north, Kapilvastu District in the south and Pyuthan in the west.

In 2001, the population was 208,391. In 1991, the population was 180,884. At the time of the 2011 Nepal census, Arghakhanchi District had a population of 197,632. Of these, 97.4% spoke Nepali, 1.4% Magar and 0.5% Kumal as their first language.

Arghakhanchi lies between 27’45″N and 28’6″N latitude, and 80’45″E to 83’23″E longitude. It covers 1,193 km2. The altitude of the district varies from 305 to 2515 meter above the sea level. 68% of the district is in the mountainous Mahabharat Range and the rest is in the Siwalik Hills.

The major rivers of the district are Bangi Khola, Bangsar Khola, Mathurabesi Khola, Banganga Khola, Durga Khola, Sita Khola, Khakabesi Khola, Ranging Khola, Ratne Khola, Jhimruk Khola, and Khankbesi Khola. The major lakes of the district are Thada lake and Sengleng lake.

The major town in the district is Sandhikharka which is the headquarter of Arghakhanchi district in the Lumbini Zone of Nepal. It is located almost 300 km southwest of Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu.

One of the famous schools of Arghakhanchi is in Hatari Neta which provides one of the finest education in the level of the government sector.

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