About Us

All Info Nepal as its name suggests is a website that aims to provide all the information regarding the country Nepal and about things relating to it. The main aim of this website is to be commonplace for different levels of information about the prevailing things; this website is the portal for general news, health, travel destinations, new gadgets, DIYs, tips, and more.


Today’s world is fast, competitive, and ambitious, people don’t have time to dwell in things that aren’t the absolute best. For those people, All Info Nepal is the right place to be. In addition to the cutting-edge and export backed must practical and effective ideas regarding gadgets, travel, health, and more, All Info Nepal is the destination for the general news of everyday happenings in Nepal and around the globe. Here you’ll be able to see the most talked-about viral contents to the recent scientific breakthrough in the technological field. 


You can also find articles about different tricks, tips, and DIYs to do general things that will make your everyday life much easier. And of course, you’ll also get the platform to have a taste about the famous travel destinations, unknown facts and features about Nepal and other countries.


We aspire to inspire, encourage, and inform individuals like you around the world.