7 Best Hidden Places to Visit in Nepal

Nepal officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a country in South Asia. It is located mainly in the Himalayas, but also includes parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. It is the 49th largest country by population and 93rd largest country by area. It is landlocked and borders China in the north and India in the south, east and west, while Bangladesh is located within only 27 km (17 mi) of its southeastern tip and Bhutan is separated from it by the Indian state of Sikkim. There are some 7 best hidden places to visit in Nepal. These 7 best hidden places to visit in Nepal are explained below:

1. Rupa Lake

Rupa Lake or Rupa Tal is a freshwater lake in Nepal located in the Rupa Municipal of Kaski District.  It is the third biggest lake in Pokhara valley of Nepal and at an altitude of 600 m (1,969 ft) covering an area about 1.35 km2 (0.5 sq mi) with an average water depth 3 m and maximum depth 6 m. The lake is elongated north to south and is fed by perennial streams. Its watershed area is 30 km², where The main inflow of water is from Talbesi stream, whereas Dhovan Khola is the feeder stream with its outlet Tal Khola at Sistani ghat. It supports a number of floral and faunal species.

It is one of the 7 best hidden places to visit in Nepal. A total of 36 species of waterbirds have been recorded in the lake which represents about 19 per cent of the total 193 wetland-dependent birds found in Nepal.

7 Best Hidden Places to Visit in Nepal

2. Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is the only hunting reserve in Nepal. Established in 1987 it covers an area of 1,325 km2 (512 sq mi) in the Dhaulagiri Himal of western Nepal in the Rukum, Myagdi and Baglung Districts. In altitude it ranges from 2,850 to 5,500 m (9,350 to 18,040 ft). It is one of the 7 best hidden places to visit in Nepal. The landscape consists of forests, marshland (called ḍhor), and flat meadows (called pāṭan).

The higher elevations remain snow-covered throughout the year. 58 vascular plants have been recorded in the reserve. Flowering plants include 36 endemic species. 18 mammal species include snow leopard, musk deer, red panda, and blue sheep. 137 bird species include koklass pheasant, cheer pheasant, and impeyan pheasant; and two reptile species also occur.

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

3. Janakpur

Janakpurdham or Janakpur is a sub-metropolitan city in Dhanusa District of Province No. 2 of Nepal. It is one of the 7 best hidden places to visit in Nepal. The city is a centre for religious and cultural tourism. It has been declared as the temporary capital for Province no. 2 until Province Assembly votes for a permanent capital.

This city, also known as Janakpurdham, was founded in the early 18th century. According to oral tradition, an earlier city existed in the area, also known as Janakpurdham, which was the capital of the Videha dynasty that ruled the Mithila region in ancient times.


4. Barun Valley

Barun Valley is a Himalayan valley situated at the base of Mt. Makalu in the Sankhuwasabha district of Nepal. This valley lies entirely inside the Makalu Barun National Park. The Barun Valley provides stunning contrasts, where high waterfalls cascade into deep gorges, craggy rocks rise from lush green forests, and colourful flowers bloom beneath white snow peaks.

It is one of the 7 best hidden places to visit in Nepal. This unique landscape shelters some of the last pristine mountain ecosystems on earth. Rare species of animals and plants flourish in diverse climates and habitats, relatively undisturbed by humankind.

7 Best Hidden Places to Visit in Nepal

5. Gorakhnath Cave

An important site for the Hindu people, the Gorakhnath Cave is the home of the Gorakhnath Baba- a sage who legends say made the prediction of King Prithvi Narayan Shah unifying Nepal. It is one of the 7 best hidden places to visit in Nepal. It is also believed that Gorkha got its name from this holy sage. A cave carved out of the solid rock, it is a revered site for followers of Gorakhnath.

The cave is situated ten meters below the southern side of the Royal Palace of Gorkha. People from different parts of Nepal and followers of Hindu religions from different parts of the world come to worship Gorakhnath.

Gorakhnath Cave

6. Phulchowki Hill Station

Phulchowki hill is located in the southeast of Kathmandu valley and popular for romantic views, different species of birds and lowers. Phulchowki is the highest hill among the surrounding hills of Kathmandu valley where you can take enjoy of snow in the winter season. Phulchowki hill is 28 km. Far from Kathmandu city and there are two ways to reach to Phulchowki hill.

It is one of the 7 best hidden places to visit in Nepal. If you want quite a long walk around the hills of Kathmandu valley you can go to Phulchowki hill through Namobuddha. But if you hurry and want a short walk to reach to Phulchowki you can go direct ascend from Godawari. Phulchowki hill is surrounded by the dense forest of the different plants including Rhododendron.


7. Siddha Gufa

Siddha Cave or Siddha Gufa is a cave located in Bimalnagar, Tanahun District, Nepal. It is the largest cave in Nepal and second-largest cave in South Asia. It’s around 0.5 kilometres inside and around 2,500 people can fit inside. It is one of the 7 best hidden places to visit in Nepal.

If you would like to go over Siddha Cave then you have to vehicle from Kathmandu on Prithvi Highway which will take around 4 hours to Bimalnagar, then you have to walk up hills on steps. It will take around 1.5 hours from Bimalnagar to reach to Cave.

7 Best Hidden Places to Visit in Nepal

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